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Why Buy From Us?

Why Buy Mixed Spices from Home Cook’s Pantry?

explore our spicesWell, you could mix your own.  There are many recipes on the internet for some wonderful blends.  However, do you have fresh – and sometimes obscure – spices in your pantry?  Do you mind spending $50 or more to make one spice blend?  If you go to your local grocer to buy spices, are you sure what you're getting is fresh? And then, what do you do with all of the unused ingredients?

For freshness you won't find at the grocery store...

Home Cook’s Pantry buys fresh whole spices and grinds them when you order.  We regularly order over 100 unique spices to make our blends.  Each mix has a shelf life of one year, and we never use MSG, artificial coloring, or anti-caking agents in any of our seasoning blends.

When you buy from Home Cook’s Pantry, you can afford to be adventurous and try something new.  We can also customize your blend – more heat, less sweet, omit for allergens – whatever your needs, we can accommodate.  We also accept many kinds of payments, even Paypal and Amazon Pay.

Choose from hundreds of fresh spices and herbs. Whether you need delicious barbecue spices or a tempting beverage mix, look no further than Home Cook’s Pantry! Check out our blog if you need a little cooking inspiration to go with your spice blend. Always free shipping on orders over $20!