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Official Sales Channels

Spice blends purchased directly from Home Cook’s Pantry’s official sales channels are guaranteed fresh. We do not sell to stores, so if you bought our products through a third party, we cannot guarantee its freshness, wholesomeness, or warranty defects.

We sell on Amazon and through this website. Since our business model is to offer freshly blended spice mixes when you order, we do not offer stores wholesale pricing, so if you find our products in a store or another website, we cannot guarantee them. Who knows how long the product has sat on that store's shelf! Only buy direct through Home Cook's Pantry to guarantee you'll receive the highest quality product.

Do you sell your spices outside of the United States?

Due to federal and state standards for food manufacturing and handling, we sell and ship our spices only to United States mailing addresses.  If you live outside of the United States and you purchased our products, we cannot offer guarantee or warranty.