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Memories: Vintage Cake Recipes, by Becky Johnson

Home Cook's Pantry was started by Becky Johnson, the author of Memories: Vintage Cake Recipes. Becky took interest in obscure spices and blends during the creative process of writing the book. Many vintage cake recipes call for exotic spices, such as mace and saffron. She put to work the leftover spices from the book's production and created many globally-inspired creations.  Home Cook's Pantry evolved from these flavorful experiments.  There is a world full of food to explore, so the product line keeps expanding.

We never use MSG, colorings, or anti-caking agents in any of our seasoning blends. Being an allergy sufferer herself, Becky understands the importance of using pure products, all of which are labeled with the ingredients used in the mix.

Home Cook's Pantry is based in New Hampshire, and sells spice mixes around the world. In addition to this website, we also sell our products on Amazon.com, Etsy and eBay. We are registered with the state (Business ID 739815) and a proud wholesale member of the New Hampshire Grocer's Association.

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