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Well Seasoned — hamburger

Gourmet Hamburgers

Home Cook's Pantry bbq gourmet hamburger recipe

Gourmet Hamburgers

1 lb 85% lean hamburger meat 2 tbsp Home Cook’s Pantry Honey BBQ Rib Rub Seasoning Blend 4 hamburger rolls, toasted 4 slices cheese, if desired Assorted toppings or vegetables In a large bowl, blend by hand the hamburger meat and Honey BBQ Rib Rub Seasoning Blend, integrating well.  Form into 4 even balls and flatten into patties.  Indent the center of each burger to cook evenly. Grill patties or fry in a pan on stove over medium-high heat until burgers are done to desired color.  Slices of cheese may be added at this point to melt during the last...

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