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Apple Pie Spice

Becky Johnson

apple pie spiceThey say there is nothing more American than an apple pie for dessert.  This is not exactly accurate as the English must take some credit, as well as the spice traders of Asia and the Middle East.  No matter what its origins, the pleasing smell of spices that fill the household while an apple pie is baking is enough whet anyone’s appetite for this delicious dessert.

But for what else can you use apple pie spice?  What if you don’t like apple pie (gasp!) or made up a large amount of spice only to find you don’t use it fast enough before it goes bad?  (Yes, spices do indeed go bad).  Don’t let that stop you from enjoying apple pie spice!  There are many other uses for this aromatic spice mix besides pie baking.

Use apple pie spice as a component of a rub for pork, beef, chicken, lamb. Use in other apple dishes such as crumbles, streusels and tarts; oatmeal; sweet potatoes; popcorn; fruit salad dressings; spiced nuts; smoothies; whipped cream; French toast; coffee; coffee cake; and cookies.  Add in chili powder or cayenne to give dishes a “kick” of heat.  Take it out of the typical American culinary spectrum and into another country by mixing in other regional spices.  Use black pepper and ground coriander and add to roasted chicken or vegetables.

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