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All'arrabbiata – The “Angry” Sauce

Becky Johnson arrabbiata pasta red sauce spice

fresh pastaTo save money, my family eats pasta two to three times each week.  We have it with olive oil and veggies, in soup, pasta bakes, and traditionally with meatballs or sausage. Pasta can get boring unless you get creative.  Have you ever wanted to spice things up a bit?  Then all'arrabbiata is the sauce for you!  You can make this sauce as hot or mild as you like, and it is sure to become a favorite.

Basil, fresh ground pepper, garlic, pepper flakes and sweet onions are the base for this delicious sauce.  You can also buy arrabbiata blend if you don't have everything on hand.  Simmer the seasons with fresh or canned tomatoes, and add capers for a lovely “zing” at the end.  Serve over penne or any fresh pasta, on its own or with sautéed zucchini or eggplant.

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