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Welcome! Thank you for visiting. It is wonderful that there are so many vintage cake enthusiasts who share my passion for vintage recipes. Although my primary focus has been on my first vintage cakes cookbook, I will also be delving into other vintage recipes, including main dishes, sides and other dessert ideas. I have a lifetime supply of handwritten recipes I am excited to share with you. Let's get cooking! --Becky

As Seen in New Hampshire Magazine

Susan Laughlin of New Hampshire Magazine included my Carrot Cake recipe in April 2014’s issue. Ms. Laughlin always adds her wonderful sense of style to every article she showcases and her love of quality food shines through in her photography.
Read the article on New Hampshire Magazine’s website.

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As Seen On NH Chronicle

WMUR NH Chronicle Clip WMUR’s New Hampshire Chronicle showcased some cakes from Memories: Vintage Cake Recipes in a clip on this evening’s show. You can watch the video on their website. Creating this clip with the crew from Chronicle was fun, and definitely something out of my usual element. I made four cakes for the production: Lane Cake (aka Prize Cake), Chocolate Icebox Cake, Husband’s Cake (aka Mystery Cake) and the Lightning Cake.

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Vintage Leavening: Saleratus & Pearlash

From around 1740, a powder called pearlash was used as leavening in quick breads. Pearlash’s chemical makeup is potassium carbonate and it was created by baking potash in a kiln to remove impurities. The fine, white powder remaining was pearlash. When mixed with water, it forms a strongly alkaline solution. Pearlash was used until around 1850, when it was entirely replaced by a new compound: Saleratus.